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    Lafaani Shayri

    Zara is shayar ko suniye, kis tarha usnay ankho par ilzaam lagaya hai Youtube video
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    Urdu Stories And Poems For Kids -download Now

    Bachoon kay cartoon is an android app that facilitates kids to learn Urdu stories and poems. The app contains urdu stories that entertain kids to learn urdu iklahqi kahaniyan and ethical stories to represent in urdu cartoon form. The app also helps the parents to utilize kid’s time in learning...
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    Mobile Software Add Text To Photos Using Photo Editor

    Add Text to Photos top photo editor to write text using multiple fonts, add stickers, design frames and emoticons to your photos/Images using android app. Download URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bi.addtexttophotos Now you can decorate your photos with beautiful...
  4. Choice4world

    Khawab Siraaye By Alia Bukhari

    Dosot ap kalie ak novel laya hu umeed hai pasand ayga apko http://www.**not allowed**/download/b9c86dz984p4cvd/Khawab_Siraaye.pdf