A Dream Come True

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Mar 16, 2008
You caught my eye
that very first night
but I never believed in
love at first sight
Deep inside I was
intrigued by you
but we seemed so different
so nobody knew
You were a secret inside
that continued to grow
the more I learned
the more I wanted to know
Then that night finally came
a moment so divine
I'll never forget how I felt
when you lips met mine
You made my heart race
and today you still do
I've never been so happy
as I am with you
If you could feel the way you
touch me or taste your kiss
you would know that in you
I've found everything that I've missed
You took my breath away
when you said "I love you"
and for the first time
I said "I love you too"
You're my gift, my angel
my dream come true
I had built up a wall but
it was broken down by you
So here is my heart but
it's been broken you see
but give me you
and I'll give you all of me
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