A Molvi Sahib’s Complaint.

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Dec 12, 2007
A Jamat went to a Masjid in Mandi Bahauddin [Pakistan] and the Molvi Sahib there said,
“Get out of here, you people are against Madrassas!”
I asked, “How is that?” He said,
“There’s a local businessman who used to donate to us a thousand rupees, but ever since he has gone for forty days [in Tabligh], he donates only a hundred rupees.”
“Okay, let’s call this businessman and asked him,” it was said. He came and was asked, “What have you done?” He replied,
“I used to conduct my business based on deception, on usury, and since I heard that lying and usury are both forbidden, I now conduct my business based on honesty, and now even getting food on the table is difficult. From what I have, I can only manage a hundred rupees. If they want, I can start my deception again. I’ll give them plenty, and I’ll have plenty.””

Maulana Tariq Jameel