Adaab to all: Just joined!


Jan 14, 2019
Adaab Doston,

Just now joined this forum of Urdu loving generation of its poetry, short stories, literature etc., to name a few. I do not know how to write in Urdu script
but I have been taught how to read and speak the language. So at the outset, my regrets and apologies for not being able to use Urdu script while communicating.
I come from Delhi, India and is now settled in Canada for 20 years. I was taught Urdu by may late parents, where my late mother was an Urdu teacher and later principal of an Intermediate level school; while my late father was an English language journalist, Urdu critic and Hindi poet. I personally have an Engineering Science background.
I look forward to learn from all of you as well as seek pardon at the outset for as and when I may commit wrongs during communications and in my posts, which you all must feel free to point out so that I can correct myself.

Khua hafiz,
Ahmad Cameron