Ali Zafar and his girlfriend was kidnapped

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Mar 15, 2007
Toronto, Ca
Pakistani pop star Ali Zafar and his fiancee were abducted and then released in Lahore yesterday, when they paid 2.5 million rupees to an armed young man, who remained un-identified.
According to reports, Ali Zafar and his fiancee were just taking a liesurly drive after a lavish meal in a posh resturant, and along the way Ali Zafar and Ayesha, his lovely fiancee were taken hostage by young armed man, who quietly hold them for a day, demanded and recieved the ransom, released the couple and vanished.
According to daily times reports the details are as follows of the incident:
An unidentified man on Saturday kidnapped renowned pop singer Ali Zafar and his fiancée.
Ali Zafar and his fiancée, Aisha, were released by the kidnapper for Rs 2.5 million as ransom late at night. Zafar, a resident of U-Block, Defence Housing Authority (DHA), and Aisha left for dinner at a hotel in the evening. The two then went to a market in H-Block, DHA to buy CDs, where an unidentified kidnapper held them at gunpoint and forced Zafar to drive for three hours on various roads. Zafar contacted his relatives to arrange for the ransom. The man received the money and dropped the couple near Chauburgi. Then he fled with their mobile phones and the car. Zafar contacted the police, who recovered his car, parked near Data Darbar. Defence (B) police station registered a case against the unidentified kidnapper on Zafar’s complaint.
Ali Zafar is refusing to talk to the media. Some media pundits are as usual predicting that perhaps there is more to the story, and the kidnap story is perhaps a fake. Who knows? because Chunno ki ankh mien ik nasha hai.


I m not sure if this info is right or wrong...


Dec 4, 2008
{(laugh)}i don't think that all this story is truth because the print anything without proof. wish ali a lot of success in his life.usually is don't watch pakistani songs but when i saw the pop song sajania i just can't live without it.{(laugh)}