Always in My Mind

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Waqar Hussain

M@In ALbela M@I M@sTana
Aug 12, 2008
chand k paar
"Always in My Mind"

I remember you, not for your good looks
But for whom you are.
I remember you, not just for your trails
of gifts, but, for your support and sincerity.
I remember you, not just for your cute smile,
but, for the joy we have shared.
I remember you, not just for your intelligence,
but, for your seasoned simplicity.
I remember you like the back remembers the
front, not just for coming into my life;
but, for the depth of wisdom that came with you.
I do remember you like the night guard remembers
the dusk, not just for believing in yourself;
but, for sharing to empower others around you.
I do remember you like a mother remembers a child
in her womb, not just for the pleasure you bring;
but, for the pains that we have shared to get where we are today.
You have shown that a friend indeed is a friend to
There is no special time and season to remember
You are always in my mind like the joyful
songs in the beak of the bird singer.
I will always remember you.
Thanks for being with me .
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