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Mar 19, 2008
Amazing World v1.0.3en cracked

The Amazing World game gives you the opportunity to test your ability to solve ingenious puzzles. Puzzles range from reasonably simple to challenging. The varying levels of difficulty make it suitable for kids and grown-ups. This puzzler combines humor, bright look and accurate physics models. What you obtain:
- Over 70 unique and challenging puzzles to solve.
- Create and save your own game puzzles to share with friends.
- Over 20 different parts to mix and match.
- Accurate physics models create realistic interactions between parts.
The task of the game puzzles is to build a "domino chain" of objects that performs a particular action from a selection of items already on the screen and from a collection. For example you may build a object "domino chain" from bomb, candle, magnifier and flashlight to make a gadget that explodes the bomb. There is also a Game Editor where you can make your own game puzzles.
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