Anti Gravity Boots A Step In The Right Direction


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Mar 15, 2007

Defying gravity has long been strived for, despite it being the most important force on our planet. However, these anti-gravity boots are hardly going to bounce you into outer space, so fair play. The boots give the impression of breaking all the rules of science each individual step you take. A wrench is included within the product for a one size fits all approach, which can quite easily fit over your trainers for a comfortable yet bouncy experience.

Although taking a little getting used to, and no doubt a few falls and regularly being thrown off balance, once you have the technique mastered the sky is the limit (figuratively). The boots contain high traction treads which can be used on any surface, allowing hopping to take place indoors, just watch out for the ceilings!

The rubber springs convert downward energy to bouncing motions which are tender on muscles and joints. Despite being fun for kids, adults will enjoy them too, and can also be used as an exercise routine to burn off calories.

The anti-gravity boots are available for £99.99 ($200) and are quite literally hopping off the shelves. Happy bouncing!
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