Army Training Games Free Download For Mobile.

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May 4, 2017

Army Training Games Free Download for Mobile.

Download : Army Training Game
Let’s the superhero battle begin in this incredible shooting super hero shooting game where you play the role of a superhero ready to save the city and be rescue fighter hero. An action packed war shooting training futuristic game with superhero fighting skills and rescue operations in emergency situation. Your mission as a superhero training cadet is to train yourself with great skills in this game to fight against gangster, and other country enemies to rescue the injured citizens, strangled in problems in this super hero shooting & futuristic superhero battle fighting game against crime. The need of a superhero is there and you are the one that needs to live up to the mark for ultimate superhero survival war game to train against other fighters and robots. The city police are on high alert and as the flying superhero police trainer, your duty is to protect the city against evil. Heavily armed super hero shooter will show no mercy to criminals and monsters in this survival shooting game and also train himself to be the best of best hero for the nation. There are some super exciting levels where super hero real combat and fighting skills would be tested along with your extra abilities in amazing action simulator game to test your strategy skills in war.

Download : Super Hero Army Training

Superhero Army Training - City Rescue Fighter Hero is an amazing game with training, rescue and shooting operations that will provide the experience of real police super hero. There may be a security alert, a robbery situation, an accident or life might be in danger. As the superhero army training agent you need to find a survival way for them and rescue them in a battle against crime. An invasion from the galaxy robots has put the survival of your city in danger. As the steel super hero army shooting game agent, your main duty is the protection of the city from crime. A few criminals and gangster squad are getting heavy for the police forces to control. There is a need of a flying superhero army shooter after completing its training to come for survival and battle against evil to show is amazing skills that is learned while army training.

Enjoy the action filled shooting against the enemy armed with heavy weaponry. Combat against them and eliminate the terrorist trying to take your city down. The super hero rescue missions will include saving someone from a building, an accident rescue, a robbery escape or criminals trying to create chaos in the city. Use your advanced super steel gun for shooting and kill the terrorist. Show off your super battle skills, attack the criminals and save the survival city from terror.


Begin your rescue operations and be the futuristic city savior. As a Super Hero you will rescue people stuck in the building, car accidents, bomb blast, emergency situations and much more as the city savior super hero special army agent.


Equip yourself with heavy weaponry when you need it. You can win the battle against crime fighting your way to survival with steel punches and kicks but shooting would help you finish the job quickly. Help the city police as a special army commando huntsman in battle against terrorist. Don’t let them create havoc in your city.


• Army Training Base Environment to Explore and train yourself
• Super Hero Combat shooting and Rescue missions Duty
• High Quality 3d Graphics and Sound Effects
• Interesting Challenging Scenarios