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Oct 18, 2013
Crafting is one of the most interesting hobbies one can enjoy. Children can reap many benefits from making crafts. By making crafts, they can build their imagination and is very important for their development. Apart from having endless fun, they can express themselves creatively and achieve the sense of accomplishment. Crafts that involve drawing, colouring, painting, cutting, gluing, and even stamping can excite children. Children who enjoy making crafts also have great hand-eye coordination and motor control. Making crafts can help them learn educational values, such as learning more on mathematics by identifying shapes and sizes. They will be able to learn more about colours and shapes and also learn how to measure using a ruler, and practice drawing and colouring. These activities allow them to express themselves better, thus helping them deal with the problem they might have in school. Let children make crafts together and encourage them to exchange them. Crafts like friendship bracelets should be perfect for this. They can learn the value of friendship and this will help them communicate better. There are many types of craft to make and there is bound to be something for everyone.
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