Breathing Exercise 4 height!

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Oct 12, 2007

Breathing Exercise
Effective breathing is essential for growth. Effective breathing brings sufficient oxygen into your body to stimulate growth. Only deep breathing is effective breathing, shallow breathing is ineffective and it stunts growth. Anger leads to shallow breathing and therefore stunts growth. So make sure you keep yourself happy as much as possible!

Deep Breathing Exercise

You should perform the following deep breathing exercise every day, as well as before and after you sleep. The more often you do deep breathing exercise, the better result you will get.

1. Inhale through your nose slowly and controllably for 3 - 5 seconds and make sure that your stomach as well as your chest expands.

2. Hold your breath for another 3 - 5 seconds. Before you exhale, for the final 2 - 3 seconds, tighten your stomach muscle lightly. Your goal is to slowly improve the blood circulation in your head.

3. Finally exhale slowly (without loosening your stomach muscles) and controllably through your mouth and nose.