Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

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Apr 16, 2013
Pakistan.. karachi
You saw the all world hotels but not like that .Burj Al Arab Hotel is the wonderful and luxury hotel in Dubai that is the 5 star hotel . The Burj Al Arab is the 4 tallest hotel in the world that is (920 feet) tall . The Burj Al Arab is satiated in the Jumeirah beach an artificial island and when you visit to this hotel you will go at the private curving bridge. The Shape of the Hotel is same like a sail of a ship . The Hotel Constriction Was Start in 1994 and it was complete in December 1999.
The interior design of the hotel is very nice when you visit this hotel for one time you realized that yes it is the world most luxury hotel because it’s a wonderful hotel . Many of tourist come their each year and they live in this hotel . Here I post some of photos of the Burj Al Arab for you and i hope you will like these Images if you like than give me your feedback i will wait for your feedback thanks.

The Burj Ala Arab Hotel Great View At night Time The Hotel Exterior looks is Mind Blowing Every one wanna Visit this Beautiful Hotel

The Interior design is much beautiful wonderful bedrooms and beautiful carpet luxury sofa and the lighting of the hotel is mind blowing that is best room for a capal

Burj Al Arab Hotel Luxury Accommodation Beautiful Design Great View