Can love be found

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Zee Leo

~Leo ! The K!ng~
Aug 1, 2008
Can love be found
after its been lost? ?
can you forgive the
unforgivable? ?
you might be sorry
but i am too…
i thought you cared i thought you were true
but i figured out
that no matter what with love its always, cruel
can you trust
the once untrusted
can you see the lies
in the innocent
i guess not because i trusted you
i’m sad because of what you did
i’m mad because i blame myself
what if i said or did something different
maybe you wouldve been happy
i wonder
can you find love after someones thrown it away
i dont know the answer
i dont know you anymore
i dont think i ever truley knew you
all i know is you hurt me in a way that there is no excuse
i hope you know that your the last person
who will ever touch my heart
i’m locking it up now in a safe forever there it’ll stay
perhaps it’ll help my heart heal
is love at first sight real
is it as real as the pain you’ve given me
are you as sorry as you claim to be
i guess we’ll just have to wait and see
if your truely sorry you’ll have to wait
can you forgive
the unforgivable
i dont think so…..
i dont think i’ll be able
i’ll have to stay away from you to become stable
i’m drowning in my thoughts of sorrow
there’s no one here to save me
so i guess i’ll just have to keep swimming
until tomarrow…………….maybe my hero will come
you might be sorry
but i am too