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Mar 5, 2010
Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)
Slow your roll the first week of November boys and girls. You’ve been a very busy goat of late but with Mercury and Venus the two personal planets setting up their work station in your twelfth house of sleep, dreams and past karma, it’s time to take a few weeks off, clean up your crib or lie on a beach with nothing but a book and sunscreen. If you’ve wanted some ’one on one’ time with your workplace mentor or boss, this is the month to try to schedule him or her for some private tutorage.

November 10 a Full Moon aims Cupids arrow straight at you. In your romance zone, it’s a time when you will understand completely what it is to be madly in love or desperate to be out of love and a swinging single again. Stamina king Mars moves into Virgo, your fellow earth sign and overseas destinations zone November 12, where he settles in for the rest of 2011. A fling with a foreigner is in the stars for single goats, while an exotic location beckons others.

Mars and Jupiter continue to hum the same tune in your fellow earth signs the 3rd week of the month. Which means hard work, dedication and balance. Good news because – advance warning; Mercury the planet of words and thinking takes a long nap starting November 24th – December 14 in your twelfth house of self–renewal and past karma. What sins have you goats committed of late? And can you cover them up, say a few cosmic ’hail Mary’s’ and be forgiven or deny you ever committed such a thing? You’re smart. You’ll work it out.

November synopsis: At least the planets are in a more comfy position for you this month. Your appetite for long–term projects or plans increases. You can now focus on health and nutrition plans with Mars in Virgo all month. Even as others are relaxing, you goats are in the mood for being productive. Just know that with Mercury moving out of phase in your past karma zone Nov 24–Dec 14, you might have to redo things again early 2012.

Your shiny November days: 4, 15, 23 & 27

Your dull November days: 1, 6, 12 & 26

Friends: Virgos & Other goats

Frenemies: Aquarians & Sags .