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Mar 19, 2008
[FONT=\"Comic Sans MS\"]Chup Chup Ke | 2006 | DVDRip | SmartMovie[/FONT]


Writers:priyadarshan (story)
Neeraj Vora (dialogue)

Release Date:9 June 2006 (India)

Genre:Comedy / Drama / Romance

Tagline:Love meets confusion meets love .

A debt-ridden young man Jeetu has an old father, who is harassed and humiliated by the daily calls of various money-lenders. His mother is however still full of \"motherly love\" and his beautiful young fiancée Pooja loves him. Plagued by financial worries Jeetu commits suicide (for the insurance money). However his attempt at suicide is also unsuccessful, and he ends up in a fisherman\'s net. When awakened from his near drowning, Jeetu finds himself in Kolkata, in the august presence of boat owner Gundya and fisherman and sidekick Bandya. Jeetu pretends to be deaf and dumb, so that he can sponge off them. However he finds himself \"mortgaged\" to Prabhat Singh in return for Gundya\'s boats, and thus ends up as a servant in a palatial haveli in Kolkata. Here he meets Prabhat Singh\'s beautiful daughter Meenakshi and dumb (not deaf) niece Shruti. When, many convolutions later, Jeetu and Shruti fall in love, Mangal is ready to get them married, but more problems occur . . .

(Credited cast)
Shahid Kapoor ... Jeetu
Kareena Kapoor ... Shruti
Neha Dhupia ... Meenakshi
Sunil Shetty ... Mangal Singh Chauhan
Paresh Rawal ... Gundya

Om Puri ... Prabhat Singh Chauhan
Rajpal Yadav ... Bandya
Sushma Reddy ... Pooja
Shakti Kapoor ... Natwar
Anupam Kher ... Jeetu\'s father
Manoj Joshi ... Pooja\'s Father
Amita Nangia ... Jeetu\'s mother
G. Asrani

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