";Come Back To Me"

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Jun 5, 2007
";Come Back To Me"

I think of our friendship
Seek where things went wrong
Was it merely a ruse?
Did you string me along?

You knew I was hurting
And needed a friend.
Someone to lean on
As my heart tried to mend.

You took my hand
Said, “Lean on me”
“I’ll be the friend,
You need me to be”

You heard my cries
You dried my tears.
You made me laugh
And calmed my fears.

We shared intimate things
In great detail and length
You said you respect me
And admire my strength

One day you told me
I’ve stolen your heart
You cant hold it in anymore
You ripped me apart

I’m not ready for love
Its way too soon
Seems my pleas were lost
Like a child’s balloon

Its time to slow down
I need to step back
Give me some time
Get my life back on track
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