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Dec 31, 2009
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[h=2]CSS Computer Science Past Paper 2011[/h]

[h=2]Computer Science 2010[/h]
Objective part(1).object (also called_____) is a common data type that includes photograph, audio, vedio, or a document in other applications.
(a) Number (b) BLOB (c) Integer (d) binary (e) none of these
2. in database, a(n) ____ field is a group of related fields.
(a) Table (b) Key (c) Record (d) Primery field (e) Non of these
3. In a database, a(n) ____ field is a field that uniquely identifies each record in a file.
(a) Main (b) Identifying (c) Master (d) Key (e) none of these
4. If a lowest annual fee at a discount wherehouse is Rs.2025 and the highest is Rs.5550, a(n)______ on annual fee field ensure it is a value between Rs.2025 and Rs.5550.
(a) Range Check (b) compelteness check (c) consistency Check (d) alphabetic/numeric check (e) none of these
5. A DBMS uses the _____ to perform validation checks.
(a) Data Server (b) data smart (c) data wherehouse (d) data dictionary (e) none of these
6. _______ is a network technology that defines how messages are routed from one end of a network to other, ensuring the datat arrives correctly by dividing it into packets.
(a) HTML (b) XML (c) HTTP (d) TCP/IP (e) none of these
7. When a computer sends data over the internet, the data is divided into small pieces , or _______
(a) Bundles (b) packets (c) slices (d) baskets (e) none of these
8. The amount of data, instructions and information that can travel over a communication channel somtimes is called _______
(a) broadband (b) baseband (c) latency (d) bandwidth (e) none of these
9. fiber optic cables have all of the following advantages over cables that used wire except _______
(a) lower costs & easier installation and modification
(b) Faster data transmission & smaller size
(c) Less susceptible to noise from other divices
(d) Better security for signals during transmission
(e) none of these
10. A_____ is a network that connects compter and divices in a limited geographical area, such as home, school computer laboratory , or office building
(a) LAN (b) MAN (c) WAN (d) VAN (e) none of these
11. with _______ memory , the operating system allocates a portion of storage medium, usually the hard disk , to function as additional RAM
(a) Virtual (b) performance (c) device (d) Manged (e) none of these
12. If a new a device such as printer or scanner is attached to a computer, its _________ must be installed before the divice can be used
(a) Driver (b) platform (c) manager (d) kernel (e) none of these
13. A ________ is an icon on the desktop that provides a user with immediate access to a program or file.
(a) kernel (b) spooler (c) buffer (d) Shortcut (e) none of these
14. ________ a disk or reorgnizing it so the files are stored in contiguous sectors, speeds up disk access and thus performance of entire computer .
(a) Formating (b) Defregmenting (c) Spooling (d) compressing (e) none of these
15. the term cmputer _______ discribes potentially damging computer program that affects or infects a computer by altering the way the compter works without the users knowledge or permission .
(a) Hot spot (b) File compression Utillty (c) Virus (d) File conversion Utillity (e) none of these
16. In a diagram ( a DFD diagram was given ) _________ shows the input and output of information into or out from a prosses .
(a) Use Case (b) Data Flow (c) entity relationship (d) Class Diagram (e) none of these
17. Although used in all types of bussiness modeling the _____ has been adopted as a standard notation for object modeling.
(a) UML (b) CASE Tool (c) USE CASE Diagram (d) EMR (not sure) (e) none of these
18. For each input and output, a systems analyst tipicaly develops _______ which is a sample of the input or output and contains actual data.
(a) adoption (b) prototype (c) Mockup (d) feasibility Scheme (e) none of these
19. _________ is a working modle of propesed system .
(a0 Adoption (b) feasibilty Scheme (c) Mockup (d) Prototype (e) none of these
20. A unit test ________
(a) verifies that each individule program works by itself
(b) verifies that all programs in an application work togather properly
(c) verifies that an application works with other applications
(d) is performed by end-users and verifies that the new system works with actual data
(e) none of these

[h=2]Computer Science Paper 2008[/h]
Computer Science Paper 2008
Q2. (a) Compare the TCP/IP and OSI network and describe the functionality of at least two Transport and two network layer protocols
(b)Differentiate between the message switching and packet switching. Which one is better for data networks?
(c)Describe various network Flow control protocol
Q3 (a)Differentiate between thread and process.Explain your answer through example
(b)Various operating systems((i.e WIN 2K,solaris) make use of pages virtual memory technique. Explain the paged virtual memory in general terms with the help of diagram
Q4 (a)Differentiate between interrupt and trap?Explain two approaches that can be taken to deal with multiple interrupt?
(b)Differentiate between the Shortest process next (SPN) and shortest remaining Time (SRT) Uni processor scheduling techniques?

Q5(a)What are view and how they are defined in SQL? Describe the rules pertaining to data updating through views
(b)Describe the process of Normalization and various Normal forms through examples.Also describe two integrityrule
Q6(a)Differentiate between Incremental and RAD models?Which one is better and why?
(b)Giving reasons for your answer based on the type pf system being developed. Suggest the most appropriate generic software process model,which might be used as a basis for managing the development of the following systems.
(i) A Virtual reality system to support software development
(ii) An interactive railway timetable system
(iii) A system to control Anti-lock breaking in a car
(iv) MSN messenger
Support your answer with necessary reasons. Clearly write down the assumptions you made.


Q7 (a) Write note on various internal sorting algorithms. Develop the merge sort algorithm and develop the pseudo code for its implementation.
(b) Write a note onthe following data strtuctures:
(ii) QUEUE
(iii) DE-QUEUE
Also describe various functions that can be performed on t hem and write the C++ code for implementaation of these functions.
Q8 (a) In the context of computer Graphics, describe various 2D and 3D Transformations. Also write a note on Color Theory in this Context.
(b) What is an Expert System? Describe the various methods for knowledge representation.
(c) Develop the C++ code to accomplish the following tasks:
(i) A function that returns TRUE if the string passed on to it is PLAINDROME otherwise it shall return FALSE.
(ii) Print the nth element of the Fibonicci series.

[h=2]Computer Science CSS Paper 2008[/h]

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