Dangerous Animal Attacks

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Apr 16, 2013
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In USA, Asia, Africa, Australia and many parts of the world you find that animal attacks are not a thing of the past as they have been part of us day in and day out.. People all over are attacked by dogs bears, snakes foxes at any given place and time just going for an African Safari as any thing can happen, for all our mountain climbing fans who by sheer luck may stop and be attacked by a mountain lion or just a deer crossing the road. For those who love nature and the wilderness, tracking and trailing in the woods can make you be a victim of a dangerous animal attack as many people have encountered unprovoked attacks depending on the time of day or the season when this animal came into contact with man. While you are in Africa the big five mainly the African elephant and the lion or cat family are on the forefront in many natural attacks in many parts of Africa In Asia, the endangeredSiberia tiger family of the big cats is just one dangerous animal which has been raising terror in the Asian continent just like dangerous dog breeds in USA,

Animal attacks tend to take place everywhere many places such as animal zoos, animal shelters and animal sanctuaries are not spared. The people working with these animals end up to be victims of circumstances where as national parks are not spared with animal attacks in different parts of the world. Game rangers safari drivers and even animal doctors who sometimes take their time to come and treat these animals are also attacked with these animals which as of yet, people have not yet understood as to why animals attack even if they are not provoked.

People in Asia, have amazing facts about animal attacks. Way back around 500 years ago, elephants were used to punish people who had made mistakes and people were either stepped on by elephants or trampled upon on the head. It was a practiced which was done by the ruling elite and later as a means of going to war against their enemy. Now days there are many animal attacks which are documented live on TV showing the Asian elephantattacking people during cultural and religious ceremonies. Just as the Asian elephant was easy to tame rather than the African elephant, the Asian elephant with its natural habitat lost despite being a respected religious animal these endangered dangerous species are animals that need to be respected in their natural habitat and while they are in captivity as well and we should be glad of the beauty and their joy they bring to us with all the nice pictures people take as well.
Is anything being done to stop animal attacks? Well a lot has been said and done but with the ever increasing of animal and lack of education and training on how to take care of these beautiful dangerous animals, many attacks areas till to come and we will keep on seeing many animal attacks so long s there is someone who is not responsible in taking care of animals and not being aware of what to do while in the anima territory or breeding grounds. While the brown bears, Asian monkeys, and the Siberian tiger, the African elephant can cause both human and property destruction, snakes, spiders, jellyfish are just as dangerous and will attack humans of all ages at any time and place given the fact that many American grizzly and black bears who are on their way for hibernation need not be startled the same applies when they are foraging for food with their cubs as this will always provoke the dangerous bears to attack and the worst thing is that an unprovoked attack and without a bear paper spray playing dead face down might just save your life to live another day and mind you, this is just not one of the steed fast rules that you need to play dead as you might as well end up dead with these bear attack..
For centuries, man has tamed the wilderness venturing into the unknown and cutting across vast lands and diminishing the natural animal habitat. Man has kept on poaching and not many of them are spared with these dangerous animal attacks encounters. Those animal s which are killed for the sake of their fur, tusks teeth or toes are lucky to have gone back to nature but the young cubs and beautiful babies end up being reared in captivity. Now days not so many animals reared in captivity are reintroducing in the wilderness due to the fear that the last endangered animals might as well be the last one just as the Javan rhino which was the last one of its kind in part of the Asian region, many pet owners who have abandoned their dangerous pets such as the baby Nile crocodiles and baby alligators just because they have overgrown their fish tanks or the harmless albino python, the dangerous tarantulas and the dirt frogs have come back to haunt many campers and people enjoying the flora and fauna of their region.

Dangerous animal attacks have also been contributed by the changing weather conditions in many parts of U.S.A,Australia and europe coupled with wild fires and natural floods that have brought these dangerous animals closer to many of mans natural habitat and his natural daily environment. Many people during these changing weather conditions have woken wake up to find different dangerous endangered animals stranded at their door steps, gardens, burns even parking garages. Being exhausted with the prevailing weather conditions many attacks take place as these animals are just not aware on what to do and change to their attack or fright mechanism as they find themselves to have been washed away from their natural habitat and find themselves separated with their families while some get stuck in the mud and succumb to the natural harsh weather conditions.

Anima attacks are not going to end unless there is communication being passed on to those people living within natural anima breeding grounds or animal habitat and for the many people who come in contact with animals while in the wilderness its always wise to respect these animals at all cost. Playing with them will just make trouble for you wit these animals. Wanting to get a closer look for a good picture will just create panic to these animals and you will be the big picture on the news the next day instead of the picture in your favorite photo of the year award.
Remember proper animal attack protection gear is always necessary. Nice walking shoes, a snake grabber stick for those who handle snakes, proper outfit and walking in a crowd is all what makes a difference while you are out there. Remember it’s a jungle out there! Its with proper information, education and communication that can play a very vital role in prevention of animal attacks and protection of these endangered species. With the emerging awareness of animal rights and their protection as well, these animals will have a world which is fit for them and fit for us as we are part of nature which can be provoked or unprovoked with reasons best known for it to attack as it has always been and will always be.
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