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Mar 16, 2008
Take my hand and walk with me
to a place where lovers go,
where kisses are like raindrops,
and soothing rivers flow.

Inhale the perfumed sweetness
of the roses as we near,
one step closer to paradise,
an oasis crystal clear.

The sun will burn much brighter
in skies of the bluest blue,
and stars that shine at midnight
will shine for me and you.

We'll walk along the shore-line
the waves crashing all about,
cleansing the uncertainty,
removing all the doubt.

My words will sound much sweeter
when I whisper in your ear,
I'll always be in heaven
as long as you are near.

Don't second guess the reasons,
look beyond, and look above,
then close your eyes and meet me
in that special place called love.
Love Shayari

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posted by Rahul at 5:19 AM
Tuesday, July 17, 2007
I wish upon stars...

I picked a star to wish upon
From all the stars above...
And closed my eyes and made a wish
To send you all my love.
So look up in the sky tonight
And find one special star...
The one that holds my wish to you
No matter where you are.
And when you see that special star
My wish will come to you...
For stars were made to wish upon
And wishes do come true!
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