Essential tools


TM Star
Jun 5, 2007
You don’t need to spend a fortune on your equipment but having the proper tools really does make applying make-up much easier.

Cotton wool: For removing make-up.
Cotton buds: For removing and applying eye make-up.
Tweezers: For shaping your brows.
Eyelash curlers: For curling eyelashes.
Make-up sponges: Using the right sponge will help applying foundation
better without a streaky effect.
Powder applicators: A soft puff is ideal to apply loose powder. brush off excess with a large dome shaped brush.
Blusher brush: Use a soft ,wide brush to prevent harsh lines and a smaller brush for controlled blending.
Eyeshadow brushes: Use a large brush for applying eyeshadow to the whole eye area and for blending, a medium one for the lids, and a small one for covering the socket line and applying highlighter.
Brow brush: The two-in-one tool for brushing eyebrows into shape and combing out mascara from lashes.
Lash separator: Used after mascara has been applied and allowed to dry, this brush separates lashes and prevents clogging.
Lip brush: A firm-tipped lip brush gives you greater control over applying color than a conventional lipstick and also allows you to build up a deeper shade.
Sharpener: For sharpening lip and eye pencils