Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes Black Hair

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Sep 23, 2009
United Kingdom
[h=2]Choosing Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes and Black Hair[/h] The woman with brown eyes and black hair can use browns, blues, greens, purples, rosy pinks and some shades of orange to create the perfect look from conservative daytime to smoky evening styles. You can even use shades of gray and black, although these darker colors are best used as accents.
[h=3]Browns[/h] Women with brown eyes and black hair can create a conservative, daytime look using brown eye shadows. Avoid flat browns, however. They will make your eyes look smaller and sunken. Instead, use a brown with some shimmer, and highlight with a lighter color such as cream or light gold. Try:

  • Caffeine Rush by Maybelline. Five shades of color ranging from cream to deep brown provide the perfect palette for day or evening.
  • Tempting is a wonderfully luscious cocoa color by MAC. This shadow provides just the right amount of shimmer. It's the perfect shade of brown to make the eyes pop, but not too much.