Fairness Complexion

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Mar 15, 2007
Fairness Complexion


Mix turmeric powder with lemon/lime juice and apply to face and neck.Leave it for 15-20 minutes,rinse it off. Use at night time before you sleep.

Apply yogurt on the face and let it completely dry then wash thoroughly.This is useful for dry skin.

Take an orange, squeeze out the juice and apply to your face. go to sleep.when you wake up in the morning, wash your skin. it'll give you a nice glow and fair complexion.

Mix 3tsp of tomato and 2 tsp of lime juice. Apply on face and neck,wash after 20 minutes. Do this morning and evening for 15 - 20 days.

Take a cup of mint leaves and grind it for a fine paste. Apply and leave for 20 minutes. Wash. Continue for 15 days.

Take 1 tbsp of gram flour and 2 tsp of raw milk and 2-3 drops of lime juice. Mix well and apply. Wash after 15 minutes. Repeat for 4 weeks.

Mix the juice of tulsi leaves and the juice of orange peel, apply on the skin, and leave it for 15-20 minutes. This will improve your complexion.

Use of coconut water rids the face of a tan also the use of nariyal makes the skin soft and supple.Coconut oil is useful for the hands and feet complexion.

Make a paste by mixing 1 tsp honey, 2 tsp almonds powder and ½ tsp lemon juice. Apply on the face then wash with warm water.

Use grated white radish or its juice on face and neck for fairer complexion.

Make a paste of 1 tsp of yogurt with a pinch of haldi and apply on face.Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Mix sandalwood powder or chandan with rose water and apply on your face and wash off after it dries.

Take almonds and soak them overnight. Make a very fine paste with them, using milk to grind them.Use this mask for night time and next morning wash with cold water. Repeat daily for 15 days.

Apply a mixture of equal amounts of lemon and cucumber juice on the face . Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.This mixture is used for oily skin.

Apply a mixture of equal amounts of cucumber juice and honey on the face . Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.This mixture is used for dry skin.

Mix equal amount of potato juice and lime juice.leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.

Take some red masoor daal (lal wali daal) in a small bowl and dip it with milk for the whole night and in the morning mix it well in a mixie and apply that paste on your face, it will make your face glowy and removes pimple marks too.