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Mar 20, 2007
Toronto, Canada
Interview Of Fariha Pervez in YOU! Womens Magazine​


Read on as YOU! Share this week a bit from its own slam book with a twist.The One liners are from our very own singer Fariha Pervez.
Admit it girls, we all fancy our celebs.The glitz of their glamourous world attracts us.What they wear, where they shop, what they dream of, their love-interests, their favourite things- We love to get the scoop. Keeping this in mind, from time to time YOU! is going to share some interresting tete-a-tete with popular celebrities.This time around we are lucky enough to get hold of your favourite singer FARIHA PERVEZ. After starting off with her album "Nice and Naughty" ; Fariha Pervez has released six Albums by now.she is has established herself as a fairly versatile singer who likes to experiment alot. Let's see what she has to say.
My Biggest Asset:
My Family.

I Wish I Could:
Be An Artist.

One Person I would Love To Dine Out With:
Ben Affleck.

My Worst Nightmare:
Anybody Getting Hurt Because Of Me.

My Definition of Love Is:
It's A Beautiful Expression With Fluctuating Intensity.

One Thing I Hate About Myself:
I'm Too Courteous.

Something I Would Like to Forget:
Nothing In Particular.

Something I would Like To Remember:
Release Of My Debut Album.

My Strenght:

I Regret:
My Teenage Years, When I wanted To Do So Much,But Unfortunately I Couldn't.

I Feel Over The Nine Clouds:
Buying The Best Besides Economical.

I Get Dejected When:
I See Illiteracy And Frustrations All Around.

Something I am Strongly Possessive About Is:
My Belongings.

When Feeling Low I Prefer:
To Be Alone.

The Most Unforgettable Moment Of My Life Was:
The Birth Of My Nephew.

What Touches Me The Most:

If I Could Like To Be Another Person I Would Like To Be:
A Doctor.

What Bores Me The Most:
Sitting Idle.

My Message:

Do Justice To What You Aim To Do And Work Painstakingly.
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