Air Force Flight Lieutenant Iftikhar Ahmad Khan Ghauri, Sitara-i-Juraat

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Mar 5, 2010
Flight Lieutenant Iftikhar Ahmad Khan Ghauri in the Indo-Pakistan War flew a total of 13 operational missions to Pathankot, Adampur, Halwara, Jodhpur and Jamnagar.

The officer displayed great courage and determination in reaching his targets in spite of very heavy odds and against tough enemy opposition.

His accurate and aggressive mission-planning has contributed significantly towards the success of our bomber raids against the enemy airfields.

In all these missions he displayed great, courage , determination and complete devotion to duty.

In spite of his serious stomach ailment, the officer remained fit throughout the period of operations and voluntarily offered his services for every mission much beyond the call of duty.

For his outstanding devotion to duty, courage and velour, Flight Lieutenant Iftikhar Ahmad Khan Ghauri was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.