Freedom Ship, Future Largest Cruise Ship Ever Built

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Jan 8, 2010
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Freedom Ship is a ship with the concept of “floating city” proposed by Norman Nixon of Freedom Ship International. With a design length of 1400 meters (4500 feet), width of 230 meters (750 feet) and high of 110 meters (350 feet),Freedom Ship is four times the length of the largest cruise shipthe world today. in
Freedom Ship

This ship design, including the most comprehensive in the world, consisting of luxury apartments, shopping centers, discos, bars & pubs, city parks, swimming pools, several sports fields, airports, cinemas and entertainment venues and other public facilities on this ship area of 160,000 m².
small airport of freedom ship

Freedom Ship is not just a cruise ship, but has the concept as a “place for their activities” such as a place to live, work, rest, travel or simply as a place to stop by.
This ship will travel around the world, has facilities such as terminals for fery ships, Hydrofoil boats and even planes to fly stop by from other places around the world.

the plan of freedom ship

Budget to create this large super ship revolved 6 billion U.S. $ and has now ballooned to 11 billion U.S. $. Still there’s no news when this ship will be launched
front side of freedom ship
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