Fruit Custard

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Mar 15, 2007
Fruit Custard

Fruit Custard
1/2 kg milk (2 cups US standard)
1 pyali sugar
1 pyali cream
3tbl of custard pwd
1 Tin can of fruit (cocktail style)
or use fresh fruit
(pineapple, apple, banana, etc)
1tsp vanilla essence

1st- Add milk to the pan & bring it to boil.

2nd- Mix in tsp of vanilla essence.

3rd- Mix in sugar, until sugar dissolves.

4th- While your stirring, mix in the custard pwd (mix custard with some milk to make a paste) Keep stirring to prevent lumps from forming.

5th- After it starts to thicken, cool it a bit & add cream.

6th- Layer some fruit at the bottom of your serving dish, then add custard layer, then repeat, on top should be layer of fruit.

7th- Take normal piece of paper & make a mehndi cone out of it, & add some cream & make zig zag designs on the fruit custard.