Green herb pasta

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Mar 15, 2007
Green herb pasta


chicken bonluss=1 pound (cut into strips ribbon shape)
pasta =1pack(ribbon shape)(boiled)
milk 3 glass
plain flour=2 ½tbsp
butter 3tbsp
crushed black pepper=1/2tsp
white pepper=1/2tsp
cottage chese half pack
pamisan chese (not nessory wheather u like it u can use)

spring onion2-3.
lemon grass.1stick
parsley as req
green chilli =2


ist step [{green herb chutney}]

spring onion, green chilli ,lemon grass, parsley,in a blender
jerk all together 4 tbsp ov water too and ur chutney is ready

2nd step """"""white sauce""""""""""

take a butter in a pan with some oil as fj always said ur butter wont burn
add milk init
include black pepper white pepper salt pinch not much saltish as chese already salt init
add plain flour and u knoe when it sauce gets thick than add green herb chutney
and mix together AND CHICKEN ALSO u can use cream chese also [OPTINAL]which fj made in previous shows ok

3rd step """"""""""'stir fry chicken"""""""""""""""

add some oil garlic 2tbsp soute them add salt black pepper and chicken and stir fry them quickly few drops of water in a mean while its gently cook

4th step """"""""presentation:''''''''
in a platter pour pasta and In da top stir fry chicken with white sauce