Hair Loss

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Jun 21, 2007
Hair Loss
A very prevalent problem among men and women is the thinning hair especially with the stressed out lifestyle people lead today. The problem is possibly not as severe with women because they manage to do a better cover up job, with men the thinning hair leads to a manifestation called balding.
Why Am I losing Hair?
There are various reasons for this prevalent problem as follows:

• The main reason for thinning hair is the various kinds of chemicals that are being used
• Many illnesses also manifest themselves as hair loss
• If a hair loss runs in the family hereditary system, you might be unfortunate enough to gain this trait!
What Causes Baldness?
This condition occurs when your hair follicles cease to produce new hair. It begins with the thinning of hair at the temples, followed by bald spots on the crown. Eventually, it can lead to total baldness at the front and the top of the scalp. But normal hair remains at the sides and the back. Among men, this is termed ‘male pattern baldness’ and is hereditary in nature. With women who inherit a tendency towards baldness, it usually leads only to the thinning of hair and only rarely to total baldness. Unfortunately there is not cure for baldness.
How Do I Combat Hair Loss and Balding?
Don’t lose hope yet, there are two things you can do:
• Cut your tresses short, because long hair pulls the hair down and draws attention to the hair. Short hair will balance the head.
• You can also try hair weaving but this is a less recommended as this can create bad effects later in the hairs life.
• You can get your hair styled and blowdried in such a way that it will create an image of more hair than there actually.

Quick Tips:
• In severe cases of hair loss, you should immediately consult a doctor and try to determine the exact cause, as well as how permanent the loss will be. Very often, excessive loss can be stalled and the hair will grow back in due course.
• Certain hairstyles like braids and pony tails that pull your hair tightly away from your scalp can also lead to hair loss. It is better to tie your hair loosely. You should also keep changing your parting and your hairstyle as often as you can.

On average, people normally lose around 50 to 80 strands of hair daily so that new hair could grow. So don't be paranoid when you see drop hairs while washing your hair.


Apr 4, 2014
Now-a-days, WE have many kinds of medicines which cures the hair loss problem for both in men and women. Even a medicine for baldness in men. Better to use these medicines, if there is no result then go for treatment.

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