Hoosier Deutsch Lullaby

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~ ʍɑno BɨLii ~
Hot Shot
Aug 2, 2012
Leedle dutch baby haff gome to town!
Jabber and jump till der day goes down;
Jabber unt schpluter, unt blubber unt phizz
Vot a dutch baby dees lannsman is!
I dink dose mout vas leedle too vide
Obber you laugh fon dot also-side;
Haff got blenty of deemple unt vrown?
Hey, leedle dutchman gome to town.

Leedle dutch baby, I dink me proud
Obber your fader can schquall dot loud
Ven he vos leedle dutch baby like you,
Unt yoost don'd gare like he always do;
Guess ven dey vean id on beer you bet
Dots der reason he don'd vean'd yet -
Vot you said off he drink you down,
Hey, leedle dutchman gome to town.

Leedle dutch baby, yoost schquall avay -
Schquall fon breakfast till gisterday:
Better you all-time gry unt shoud
Dan schmile me vonce fon der coffin oud!
Vot I gare off you keek my nose
Downside-up, mit you heels unt toes -
Downside-up, or sideup-down
Hey! leedle dutchman gome to town.