how to apply eye shadows...


Oct 12, 2007
1. cover the whole area with eye foundation working from top lash to eye brow.
2. apply neutral coloured base eye shadow . (apply with large eyebrow brush).
3. with medium sized brush ,apply main color to eye lid upto socket line . start from inside corner and work outward.
4. use a small, more pointed eye shadow brush to run the slightly darker shade of main color in a thin line along the socket line. working from inside corner outward.
5. for a dramatic effect leave the line along socket, for soften look blend it in well using large brush or a cotton ball.
6. using a small brush apply darker color in a line underneath the bottom lashes starting about halfway along the eye and working to the outer corner.
7. run the small brush against the back of ur hand to remove color . then use it to apply the lighten, pearlier shade just under the brow. be carefull not to apply any color to eyebrow.