How To Improve Reading Of Kids

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Oct 9, 2013
Reading skills and reading comprehension are closely related, but they’re not exactly the same thing. For example, I can read Spanish text almost perfectly, but I might not always understand what I’ve read. I know how to read and pronounce the words, but I don’t know the definitions of all the words. The same thing can happen when kids read. In other words, the words and their meanings might not “sink in.” That’s where reading comprehension skills come into play. Below are a few ideas for how to improve reading comprehension. You can probably come up with more on your own!


Reading Strategies – Interactive Reading Comprehension

Interactive reading comprehension is one of the best reading strategies you can use with kids and adults who are new readers. Whether you’re reading to a child or listening as the child reads aloud to you, it’s important to ask questions and get feedback about the story. You need to stop periodically and interact with your child. How often you stop depends on the age of the child and his reading fluency. For example, with a young child or with one who struggles with his reading skills, you might want to use interactive reading comprehension after every couple of pages. Smaller “chunks” of information will be easier for the reader to process. For older kids with advanced reading skills, you might be able to wait until the end of the story.

Using reading strategies with interactive reading comprehension should include assessing basic comprehension skills based on the information presented in a story.

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