Hug Of Friendship

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A friend can be like a Teddy Bear
to hug and hold when the world
has given you all you can bear.

A hug of friendship
is an incredible feeling
which can mean a lot more
if it's given with meaning.

When the world isn't being all that nice,
and you feel like nobody could ever care..
they'll be right here to hug and hold..
and forever be your teddy bear..

There's this thing
I like to call friendship pride
this simply means never
leaving your friend's side.

Sharing your thoughts,
ideas, and goals..
while getting deep into their
hearts and souls..

Friends never make
you feel insecure
they always support
and make you feel right and pure
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Jul 23, 2012
Friendship Is Not Written By Chalk

2 Erase Or Write Again.

It?s Written With Da Ink Of Love

On The Wall Of Heart

Once Written Can?t Be Changed Dats Frndship .....