I Always Thought You Were Only Mine,

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Sep 29, 2013
I always thought you were only mine,
When we were together your eyes would shine,
I was sure the two of us were doing fine,
I could see no outward tell-tale sign,

We had many friends who used to call,
Those were good times, we had it all,
Our social life was quite a ball,
My friends said you were quite a doll,

Life seemed full, who could ask for more,
When you are with the one you adore,
But over the months you seemed to change,
Your mood swings became quite strange,

Our friends began to stay away,
And say they’d call another day,
Our families began to show some strain,
When raising questions, answers were vain,

The answer soon became quite clear,
When you were close I could see a tear,
You had been seeing another for nearly a year,
And I was the last to disbelievingly hear,

With heavy heart I wonder why,
I lost your love to another guy,
I thought my devotion you’d never betray,
And we’d be together until our dying day.