I closed my eyes

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Mar 15, 2007
I closed my eyes
to forget my past
and to dream my feelings
which felt in heart
all my pain was lost in silence
all worst memories burried in darrkness
that moment i wonder..
hopes never die
no matter how cruel it goes by..
one single touch of yours when come across my mind
a new dream of life struggled to strive
There was same u and same me..
as we wre together times back
with no hatred gestures that starayed in hearts.
The way to peace was just about to start...
and destiny seems at one hand`s catch .
In the glory of happiness
with the sunbeams of light ...when I opened my eyes
to see the awakening of midnight`s dream
all in all
there was nothing around
only my emptiness lying in da soul of my eyes.......
and my illusions in the air!!
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