I Love Pakistan !

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•´¯`•» RuDleSS AzeYY «•´¯`•
Aug 17, 2012
I love the nature there

i love the aliveness of the sorroundings, from the busstling cities to sitting in a cha shop and listening to old men chatting

i love that i get alot out of my money due to the nice exchange rate

i love the music and the spiritual feel of it

i love places like Bari Imam

i love how u can see the old culture aswell as the new in a beautiful mix

i love the cane sugar juice stalls

i love the choice of goods and foods to buy

i love riding a honda motorcycle there

i love that my house is sorrounded by endless fields and is right on the edge of a classical village

i love how carefree people are even in the midst of sometimes hard times

i love the general modesty, even if that makes me old fashion

i love the freedom there, i dont much about the laws but i know u dont have cameras everywhere

i love sitting and watching the farmers come home with all the goats and buffalos while the sun is setting

i love the quality of the milk there, has so much more taste than carton milk

i love that people actually have a religion they follow, gives more meaning to life and interaction

i love that untouched feeling of the landscapes outside of town!

i love that i have a place to call my homeland