I M Missing U !

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May 7, 2012
Yesterday night I've been alone in my room
Suddenly you came into my mind
And remember your own composition
I turned on my computer and listen to your song
Oh God, your melody makes my heart melt
A word to explain I cannot find.
Teardrops are falling on my pillow
As i hear your voice
Oh baby, I'm missing you.
How I wish you don't bid goodbye
But you've done
Can't you see how I cry?
Oh my love, my hero
Why you are gone?
I'm here for you
I'm missing you.
Longing of your loveliness
Those romance and passionate kisses
With you I found my true happiness
Oh baby I'm missing you
. When I think of you
my heart is breaking through
Cause I miss you so
Oh baby I still need you in my life
And you must know
I'm missing you!