I think that I have just started my career: Govinda

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Mar 19, 2008
Q. You have been for a long time now in Bollywood. Which were your best days of your professional career?
A. Starting from Shola Aur Shabnam to 1997 released film Bade Miya Chote Miya, was the best period of my life as during that period I did some good roles and that too with innocence.

Q. Now too the innocence is visible in the roles you play. How do you manage to treasure that innocence?
A. As one takes care of his/her house so that it looks attractive to him/her as well as others. Likewise one should also make sure to regularly clean his/her mind thinking of Saraswati Maata. I also do the same thing.

Q. Now-a-days you are known to divert your attention more towards spiritualism; any special reason behind it?

A. I am moving towards spiritualism due to my mother. For the start, I was very hot-tempered and had to indulge in fights.

But once I got inspired by my mother’s teachings and became her student, life changed for me. I learnt a lot of good things from my mother. At the same time I learnt that those who are hot tempered get to meet people who are much more hot tempered than him/her.

Q. At the start of your career you portrayed a lot of serious characters. But since around ten years you are mostly seen in comedy flicks. Why?
A. Frankly speaking, I was tired of portraying serious roles. I started working in the industry when I was 21 years old.

Before that, since I was fourteen I have to help my mother in household works like, sweeping, washing clothes, etc. I have worked a lot throughout my life. Due to this I started going through a lot of stress and comedy brought a new freshness in my life.

Q. How do you manage a brilliant timing in comedy with your co-stars which off course is a very important aspect in comedy?

A. See, in comedy more than an actor, a director has to be good in his work. If the director is good then you can even succeed in doing a comedy act with a lamppost.

Q. Amongst all the comedy flicks you have worked in until now, who has been your favourite co-star?
A. I have enjoyed working with all the stars whether he is Kader Khan, Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik, Satish Shah, Chunky Pandey, Shakti Kapoor or even Karishma Kapoor. Whoever works with me always gives their 100 percent. Even my recent pairing with Salman Khan was appreciated by the viewers.

Q. Which film would you rate the best amongst the various movies you have done under the direction of David Dhawan?
A. My favourite films are Deewana Mastana and Swarg.

Q. Which has been the toughest character to play in your career?
A. I haven’t got any of such character yet.

Q. When would we see you acting in a serious cinema?
A. Not until I am satisfied that the film is going to be a super hit.

Q. There is known to be two comedy schools in Bollywood now-a-days; one run by Priyadarshan whereas other by David Dhawan. How would you differentiate between the two?
A. (laughs) See, the cheque that one gets from both the sides is the same. Their faces too match with each other. To be frank, when it comes to comedy cinema, South always has an upper hand. Even the films David has made have been inspired by South movies. The only difference has been in the way the script has been treated.

Q. Which is your favourite comedy scene?
A. I love watching all the scenes from Dilip Kumar starrer Kohinoor and Ram Aur Shyam.

Q. Whom would you name your three all time favourite stars?
A. Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra. Dilip Kumar is such an institute of acting that anyone who copies him can become a superstar.

Dhramendra is my favourite hero and I have got a lot of respect for Amitabh Bachchan. Even today he is very active as an actor. It wouldn’t be wrong to call him the gem of India.

Q. Have you ever copied anyone?
A. I copy everyone. From whomsoever I get the right energy, I copy from there.

Q. Today you have got everything. Any such thing which you still desire for?
A. I haven’t got anything yet. Infact I think that I have just started my career.

Q. It’s been said that the people who do comedy are very happy in life. What do you have to say about the same?
A. It’s very true. But some times you come across some kind of people who joke about your happiness and then you have to show him some of your punches. It’s good to be nice and happy but only till someone else doesn’t use your nature in a wrong way.

Q. According to you, who are the fittest actor and actress in Bollywood?
A. Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone are the fittest stars in Bollywood. Even Akshay Kumar is very fit but Amitabhji being my favourite; I would like to give him extra marks.
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