I Wish

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Aug 17, 2012

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Millie and a little boy called Billy who was Millie’s younger brother. Millie and Billy shared the same bedroom and sometimes, when it was bedtime and they were snuggled up in bed, they would play a game that Millie had made up called “I wish”. They would take it in turns to start first.

Tonight it was Billy’s turn. He said, “I wish I had a tree house made of wood, high up in the tree at the end of the garden.”

“How would you get to your tree house?” Millie asked. “Would you climb up the branches of the tree?”

“I wouldn’t need to,” Billy said. “There would be a rope ladder attached to the tree house and I’d climb up that.”

“It’s my turn now and you’ve given me an idea,” Millie said. “I wish I could fly like a bird. Then I’d fly up and see you in your tree house.”

“That was a good wish,” Billy said. “Now its time for my next one.”

“What’s that?” Millie asked.

“I wish I had my own little car that I could drive up and down the garden path,” Billy said.

“A toy car?” Millie asked.

“No – a real car but a little one,” Billy replied. “It would have a real little engine and everything.”

“Do you know what I wish?” Millie said, taking her next turn.

“What?” Billy asked.

“I wish it would snow tomorrow,” Millie said. “Then we could have a snow fight with snowballs and make a snowman too and have loads of fun.”

“Yes,” agreed Billy. “That would be great. I wish that too.”

Just then mummy came into the bedroom. “Time to go to sleep,” she said. “Snuggle down under the covers, children. It’s a cold night and snow is forecast for tomorrow. Say night-night.”

“Night-night, mummy,” Millie and Billy said, and then smiled to one another. It looked as if that last wish of theirs might come true. Thinking dreamily about the fun they were going to have if it was snowy the next day, Millie and Billy snuggled down and fell fast asleep.