Important Information About Bathing

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Aug 2, 2012
Bathing in hot water
Bathing in hot water and in steam baths works to open all the pores of the body and consequently leads to all the cells in the body being able to breathe naturally. It is known that the cells of the human body need to breathe like any other living being. Bathing in warm water also renews worn out and exhausted cells, so the body gains energy and vitality, and the nerves become calm. If a warm bath is taken at night, it helps one to sleep naturally and deeply. A warm bath also aids in good digestion.

Bathing in cold water
Bathing in cold water makes all the cells of the body, with its arteries and veins, contract after being relaxed. This helps them to become flexible, which protects against many diseases of the heart and circulatory system, energizes breathing and increases the potential for regulating the heartbeat and blood pressure. A cold bath is beneficial for the one whose body is active and is not suffering from problems in digestion. It may be used after hot water to strengthen the skin and give the body vitality and energy, so long as the water is not too cold.
Cold bath should not be used immediately after intercourse or immediately after eating, because of the danger that it may pose.

Bathing and massage
Taking a bath and receiving a massage renews the body’s energy in an amazing fashion. It renews the vitality continually and helps one to obtain a healthful and deep sleep.
It also alerts the senses, stimulates the circulation and helps to reduce the burden on the heart. It is recommended to take a bath using olive oil and to have a massage immediately after doing exercise.
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