News Is Legal War Between Mubasher Lucman And Geo Group Useful For Pakistan?

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Sep 28, 2012
You know when you are raging a legal war against someone; you need to have solid proof to make your case strong. You can’t start believing that you are above the law and words that come out of your mouth will be taken as the truth no matter what.

This is what happened to TV anchor Mubasher Lucman, when his fantasy bubble burst after the District and Sessions Court of Lahore rejected Mubasher Lucman’s application to file an FIR against Jang and Geo Group management. The basis for this rejection was because Mubasher Lucman couldn’t provide proof to support his allegation.

No evidence, no allegation, no case = lies don’t have a leg to stand on. And you cannot file

Lucman’s case against Jang and Geo group was that he was receiving life threats on the telephone. However, when the court asked for proof for this - like time and day when he received the threats - Lucman was unable to provide these. Naturally, the court could not pursue a false case and rejected his application on the grounds of insufficient evidence. The court also noted that Mubasher Lucman was already defending an FIR against him lodged in one of Lahore’s police station.

That means case closed. In the normal world that is exactly what would have happened. But it won’t, because Mubasher Lucman is involved. We can expect a lot of fireworks from Mubasher Lucman, who doesn’t know when to stop talking.
We will probably be hearing a lot lamenting from Mubasher Lucman against how the courts have taken sides and how all courts can be bought etc. Lucman seems to think that the CJP and courts are against him.

The truth is that a court needs facts and proof and Lucman doesn’t seem to believe in them and thinks he can make the world go round on lies.

Mubasher Lucman is fast losing his credibility very fast. His talk show is based on flimsy hearsay and facts, and a lot of fantasy and he is usually is never able to back allegations he easily tosses out.

His talk show ironically titled ‘Khara Sach’ is nothing but a pack of lies, which Lucman seems to think can pass as the truth. But alas, Mr. Lucman no matter how many times you utter a falsehood, you cannot make it sound like the truth.

And you may be able to make a small group of your social media followers – if they really exist – to believe in what you are saying, but in the real world we need you to support your words with evidence.

It is time that Mubasher Lucman learned how to speak the truth because lies will not get him far.