Jazzy B’s 'Kaun Nach Di' in five versions!


Co Admin
Mar 15, 2007

Jazzy B one of the best-selling Bhangra artist in the world set foot in the music world with his debut album 'Ghugian Da Jorra' that made him a star overnight. He has become a recognizable face and popular for his voice. This time he arrives with a brand new single number. Though the concept of single is not very popular in India, Jazzy B has made an attempt to popularize the medium with the album 'Kaun Nach Di' which has a single song by the same name. However the single track 'Kaun Nach Di' in the album comes in 5 different versions adding variety and the power to choose for his fans. The track has been written by Pinda Dhaliwal and composed by Ravi Bal. The five versions of 'Kaun Nach Di' are 'Urbanology Mix', 'Streetology Mix', 'Sada Desi Mix', 'Sada Kar Mix' and 'Jazzy Bounce Mix'.

Formerly Euphoria has come out with a single and also filmmaker Karan Johar released the title song of K3G in single version. The trend is yet to catch up here but this effort by Jazzy B would surely be a step towards it.