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Darknes will Fall
Jun 21, 2007
[FONT=Garamond, Times, Serif]Never stop dreaming; your dreams are an essential part of your person.
HAZ everything that is in your hands to turn them into reality through the course of your life with your plans and your actions.
NO you stop too much on past mistakes, leaving behind yesterday, along with their problems, concerns and doubts.
Understand that you can not change the past, but they can do something for the future that lies before you.
Do not try to accomplish everything at once; life can be difficult times and frustrations is not necessary to add to the list.
Avanza taking steps one by one, and seeks to achieve a goal at a time.
Thus uncover what is a real achievement.
Do not be afraid to do the impossible, even if others do not think that you can achieve.
Remember that history is replete with incredible achievements made by those who were crazy enough to believe in themselves.
DO NOT forget that you are enclosed extraordinary qualities, singular and unique.
And remember that if you're looking at yourself and find a smile, that smile will always be a reflection of the opinion that people have of you.
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