Lavang Latika Recipe

  • Work-from-home


Jun 9, 2012

Refined flour or maida (2c), water (1c), sugar (1/4c), sugar for syrup (1/2c), pure ghee (to fry), milk (1/2c), grated coconut (1), salt (a pinch), nutmeg powder (a pinch), green cardamom powder (1/2tsp), semolina (2tbsp).

Method of preparation:-

Take flour, sieve it in a bowl. Add oil and a little water and then knead it to make soft dough. Cover the dough with wet cloth and then keep it aside. Take a pan, boil water with sugar in it and then keep it to simmer to make the syrup of three thread consisitency. Take off the pan from heat and keep it aside. Take a pot, heat 1 teaspoon of ghee in it and then fry semolina in it until it turns lightly brown in color. Then add milk, coconut and sugar in it. Keep it to simmer over low heat until the mixture gets thick. Now take off the pan from heat and then add nutmeg powder and cardamom in it. Keep the mixture to cool. Make the small balls of dough and then roll them into puris. Place the filling mixture in the centre of puri and then fold it. Take a kadai, heat ghee in it for frying and then fry the latikas in hot oil until over medium heat until they turn golden brown. Drain them and then immerse them in hot sugar syrup. Take out them from the syrup and then serve them