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Mar 5, 2010
Life is pretty much the way you like it this month. Your way that is! With Mars the planet of ’just do it’ spending his last full two weeks in your sign through the 12th, he’s determined to push you into doing something you’ve so far avoided. What’s the holdup boys and girls? Stop wasting precious time and get your life in tip top condition so that you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of Venus and Mercury in your fifth house of romance, fun and self–fulfillment through the end of the month. Single? A sexy Sag is making his or her way to you.

Energizer bunny Mars, the planet of ’can do’ spends his last few days in your sign and departs your scene November 12. He won’t be back for another year so make the very most of his final few days. Why not check off something on your ’bucket list’ this week? For the rest of the year you’ll be focused on money and making more of the colourful stuff and won’t have time for such folly. November 10 a Full Moon in your career and ambitions zone sheds some light on why you got passed over for a promotion earlier in the year. And with Venus and Mercury in your self–fulfillment zone most of the month, it’s time you tweaked whatever personality or work flaws/differences you have and become the best Leo you can be.

In the mood to splurge? Mars in your self–esteem and cash flow zone has many of you scurrying from one shop to the next in search of the perfect…anything? Curb your enthusiasm Leos. Mercury goes out of phase in your self–fulfillment zone Nov. 23 – Dec 14 and many of you will regret many of all of your recent purchases. This time next month you’ll be scurrying to find receipts and tags in a big rush to return pretty much everything.

November synopsis: Mars finally finishes up his tour of duty in your sign, where he has been stationed from September 20 – November 12. This has been a great time for you to get a lot done and to really feel and know your Leo power and grrrrrr….so hopefully your life has changed in recent months. Some or all of your projects have come through for you and you’re in a great place to deal with the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius November 24 – Dec 12. In your romance and self–fulfillment zone, this is sure to stir the pot.

November shiny days: 12, 17, 22 & 29

November dull days; 3, 11, 20 & 26

Friends: Other Leos & Sags

Frenemies: Cancers & Virgos .