Life Saver — The Water Filtration Bottle

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Jun 9, 2012
Its a complete water filtration bottle, perfect for those of you that are constantly on the go. This ultimate bottle performs a great job of filtration of water from any source. Now you don’t have to worry about water quality and waste time in finding a fresh water source while you are camping.

When you put water in this bottle, it filters out all of the microbiological waterborne pathogens from water and this is all done without adding any chemical. Within just 60 seconds, your water is ready to drink. According to the inventor of this bottle, this bottle will filter 750ml of water in just one min. During this time, it will remove all bacteria, viruses, algae and fungus from the water. If you are a usual camper or hiker, this bottle is a perfect accessory for next adventure. If you want to buy one, it is available on amazon (search Lifesaver Bottle).

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