Like sands in an hour glass I

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Darknes will Fall
Jun 21, 2007
Like sands in an hour glass I
see my tear drops fall
As memories return and remind
me, of what I miss the most

I'm reminded of the good times
two once shared together
I remember how my hopes did
soar to believe they were the one

But over time, selfishness, and
harsh words that made me cry
I watched as happiness grew
to be a candles flickering flame

Those memories never seem to
weaken with the passage of time
I feel cheated of what for me was
such an easy gift to share

Warmth, sincerity, attentiveness
a partner who listened to me
One who gave love passionately
never demanding anything of me

Someone who's eyes were filled
with laughter, making me smile
Whose strong arms were always
willing to comfort me when sad

I watch as my hour glass of tears
grows short along with hope
Hope I will find the courage to
take a chance on love again
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