Love Love Love


Hot Shot
Sep 21, 2015
She laughs when you make mistakes,
And cries when you ache.
She tells you silly things,
And loves it when you sing..

So weird and funny but its true
She could make you smile when you're blue.
No matter what people say or do,
She'll always stand beside you

But the sad part is,
You never noticed all of these.
You took her for granted, yes you did
Thought it was ok for she was easy to please.

No chocolates, not even roses
No special dates, never gone to places
But it's ok for it didn't matter
Coz you promised to hold her forever.

Sweet words left unspoken,
Romantic moments never happened.
But though you never did what's in her dream,
Holding her hand had always been a perfect scene.

I laugh when you make mistakes
And cry when you ache.
I tell you silly things
I love it when you sing.

So weird and funny but it's true
I've fallen so deeply in love with you
And no matter what people say or do
I'll be here forever loving you.

Simple gestures of love give me shiver
It's like a promise of love forever
And though were not perfect I wont ask for more
Coz you're the only one I've ever dreamt for!!

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