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Mar 15, 2007
love...the most 'mysterious' word.

With all shades of meaning,

Brotherly,Passionate and all

The like

Loving is taking a chance

To be hurt, misunderstood

To understand when it is hard

To understand, being patient

Not being like a clinging vine

Love is an understood feeling

When someone you know loves you

But you give that one their choice

When they want to say so

And act so.

Sometimes love is quiet

And other times it is expression

By words, and passionate

Actions. Love is making room

For one another

To live and express

Their individuality, goals

Without our interference

It is being there when

They need us

Or vice versa

Love is listening

Sharing, caring

Even one dying

If need be for the other

Love is two souls different

But bonded mysteriously

Love for others

Is seeing thru the darkness

And realizing the hurt

Of that soul, and why

They act the way they do

Love is a special

Personal virtue

And empowered by God

To love when you are hurt

By someone you love

And keep loving and


We can have all other

Things, but without love

We are an empty shell

We need it ourselves

And to share it with others

For by love we exist

And are whole
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