Make Your Face Look Slimmer


Mar 15, 2007
Make Your Face Look Slimmer
Use your make up blusher cleverly to slim down chubby cheeks

Purchase two shades of blush, one of a deeper shade and one that's lighter. To ensure the shades go together, purchase a compact with two coordinating shades.
Apply your usual foundation make-up or powder to cover any imperfections and even out your skin tone.
Apply the lighter shade of blush in circular motions onto the apples of your cheeks... how do you to find your apples? Just smile!
Next, following the line of your cheekbones, apply a sheer sweep of the deeper shade of blush.
Blend, blend and blend. The key with this trick is to create dimension, but you do not want a very obvious demarcation between your natural cheek color and the blush (i.e. think stripes!).
Sweep a small amount of the lighter shade across your nose and/or forehead as desired to add an extra "glow" to your complexion.