Meditation ( MURAQBA)


Aug 22, 2007
Meditation is our mode of Teaching and learning. Meditation is Sunnah of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MUSTUFA (Peace be upon him).

MURAQBA (Meditation)

"Muraqba where we perceive our own selves, the past and future also becomes present before us and with the help of the ray of this perception a happy and prosperous life prevails us whole." Khawaja Shamsud Din Azeemi
Muraqba is different from meditation, which his practiced in the world, in many ways. Meditation is a process in which the human mind concentrates on a spot materialistically, which encompass the wanes of light at a central point, to produce its affect.
For example, scientifically, prism is used to refract light rays (which are of 7.colours) resulting in producing extremely powerful rays, which burns objects. Meditation is a limited skill which, helps to understand the material sphere.
Muraqba is a spiritual act, in which centrality of the act for mental concentration is the creator (Allah/God), who is the most knowledgeable. We concentrate our thoughts to make contact with Allah, so that we can be aware of all the knowledge present in the Universe. Belief is vital to all spiritual and Universal knowledge since every intention and every act is illuminated by the lights of belief. Prophet (PBUH) spent the early part of his life mostly at Mount HIRA, where he used to do Muraqba and Prophet’s training by God through Gabriel took place there. It takes nearly four hours to reach the top of Mount HIRA. Quran is the book which, contains laws of nature and prophet hood was declared at the age of 40. Can we do Muraqba? Yes, we can. We have to look at the life of Prophets, who used to do this process, for building up links with God and to know, God, we need to concentrate on our thoughts. Thoughts reach us via light and we speak of them s thoughts, ideas, imaginations etc. what should be noted here is that the patterns of thinking in all creatures have one point in common and it is this common point or location which informs us of the presence of other creatures.

For Muslims, this common point is God. Prophets (PBUH) are our teachers and leaders. We have to have to follow their teachings and practices. Hence, practice of Muraqba is simply an act of following our Prophet’s (PBHU) teaching. We do
follow, teachers at schools/colleges to achieve success in obtaining worldly knowledge, concepts and skills. Similarly, we are obliged to follow our Prophet (PBUH) and practice it as our Prophet (PBUH) has done for many years at Mount HIRA cave. Even in Holy Quran, the importance of Muraqba have been mentioned as: "And remember the name of your Lord. Cut your attachments and devote yourselves entirely to him" (chapter LXXIII, Section 13-a1-Muzammil). Quran’s every word and sentence are laws of nature for every human being (muslims and non- muslims). These laws are operating for the whole Universe. There are many planets made up of different materials but fundamentals of law as described in quran are applicable to all these. Although its application may depend on the nature and environment of the Universe, which are made of different materials. This message has been quoted in Holy Quran, many times. "There is no change in following god’s commandments" Why should we do Muraqba?
It is certain that Angles were created before Adam (PBUH). But dam (PBUH) was given the Khalifat by God on the Universe. We, as humans have inherited this Khalifat and Leadership from Adam (PBUH). God gave Isim-I-Alliah’s knowledge to Adam (PBUH). As God is Noorani Light was transmitted into Adam(PBUH), then it turned into soul(Rooh). Noorani Light functions as a source of energy in Adam (Adam (PBUH) and this energy is utilized to excel our skills and abilities in physical contributions of Life. All the Isimi-I-Allah’s know’s knowledge has been inherited in our Rooh (soul). In this world our conscious is developing he skills, abilities, knowledge through our Soul, to explore and discover the creativity aspects of the whole Universe. Our Rooh (soul) is the source of all the energy and knowledge, to develop our skills in this world. As our soul, with the command of God, displays Isim_I_Allha (Allah’s Virutes), then our conscious body id created. Once a conscious body is created, this helps us to recognize ourselves as individuals. Allah has authorized humans as superiors over all the creations. This proves that humans are rulers for all the Universe. True rulers can be effective only if those who can understand all their subject.

Allah mentioned before, Adam is the master of all creations of the whole Universe and hence he knows all creations of the whole Universe and hence he knows all the knowledge regarding the whole Universe. For this world, as we are recognized with our conscious body, hence we have to transfer our sub conscious knowledge into conscious knowledge so that we can use it with our intent. As a Doctor/physician qualified in medicine, the patient will benefit only when the Doctor practice their learnt knowledge of medicine. Similarly, the souls abilities have to be practiced to benefit our conscious body, which displays the benefit to all the creations. Allah is the most merciful who has created the whole Universe and he nourishes/cares/looks after its creation. The soul participates in these conscious activities for the benefit of all creation, which is the aim and objective of Man’s khalifat and Niabat. How can we transfer these into conscious? One of the ways of transferring this knowledge is through Muraqba, which is our Prophet (PBUH) Sunnah, which was practiced by Prophet (PBUH) on Mount HIRA cave. Muraqba strengthens to build upon the links of conscious and sub-conscious (mind). Sub-conscious is the mind of our soul. All the Allah’s virtues and their knowledge is stored in the super-conscious which is in fact a Record of the Universe’s knowledge.


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Jul 18, 2008
kuran says remember the name of your Lord. Cut your attachments and devote yourselves entirely to him"...oh god great words...what r attachments....wife,children,possessions...or kuran is telling about attachment to your body,your experiences,your ego,your knowledge,your life...which we r deeply attached to...outward gross attachment we can leave but what about the deeper attachments...think again kuran is talking about gross attachments or deeper attachments...

"Allah has authorized humans as superiors over all the creations.": how many creations human know...? scientists say in universe there must be at least 10000 earth should be there where life exists...and they r not human...they can be different in body mind etc like universe crores of different creations exist...far more refined..far more advanced...ufo/aliens and other paranormal activities are many times caused by them too...

"This proves that humans are rulers for all the Universe. Muraqba is a spiritual act, in which centrality of the act for mental concentration is the creator (Allah/God), who is the most knowledgeable...":
human are not the rulers...human are ruled herarchy of the development lower creations are ruled by human and upper creations rule human.....
Jan 29, 2009
muraqba ka charcha to bonat suna but koi compitent banda mila naheen , mera khiaal hay musalmaanoon par qahat u rijjal ka waqt hay , bas gapp shap chaltee hay , ye bhe khoob hay. {(haha})